an application from “Christian Archy”

From the book I just reviewed, Christian Archy by David Alan Black, I now share a short post of application.

What are we evangelical Christians known for today? In a sense what the world thinks of us doesn’t matter, as long as we are living in the way of Jesus and are about God’s kingdom come in him. But when we are known for taking a stand on three or four issues, I think something is amiss.

Should we take a stand on issues such as abortion? I say we should, but how we do it is what is crucial. And from what context. As David Alan Black points out in his book, unless it is from the cross-love of Jesus and an expression of God’s grace and love as well as his working of his kingdom, it merely becomes another worldly institution which misses the point and always ends up doing more harm than good. True of the religious right and left. Though I’m not of the opinion that no good whatsoever can come out of people connected with either. To say that would be to limit the working of God’s Spirit. The book of Judges seems to indicate to me that God uses people at times in spite of their character and circumstances. In some measure true all the time, for none of us has “arrived.”

What do you think?

2 comments on “an application from “Christian Archy”

  1. nancy says:

    that we do not know

    how to Love
    how the Holy Spirit works

    and that God does

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