Like trust, commitment can actually be quite freeing, as well as directing for us in our lives. Of course this works out in all kinds of ways in human experience. And it’s who and what we trust and are committed to that matters more than our actual part.

Commitment involves trust and obedience. And above all relationship. When one is committed to God through Christ one is in a commitment which will is meant to last forever. (There is to be no turning back.) But which begins in and is for this life, not just the sweet by and by.  And this commitment is hinged not only on what really matters, but on reality itself. And Reality in this case, in capital letters, because it is part of the work in love of the Triune God in the world through Christ.

The commitment is related to covenant. A covenant is an agreement and actually from that, a kind of union between two parties. In the Bible it involves God and humanity often tied to one individual, but for a community. With it is God’s promise which is often conditional on human faithfulness to the terms of the covenant. Humans inevitably fail across the board, which is why all the covenants in Scripture are fulfilled by Christ, and therefore through Christ.

Covenant as just expressed is important for our commitment. We then realize that our commitment is important, yet it ultimately depends on the faithfulness of Christ, not on our own. We will falter along the way. And if the outcome depends on us the outlook is not only good, but inevitably bad.

But because of Christ there is not only hope for us to remain true to our commitment, but an assurance that we will. But only through faith as we rest in God’s promises through Christ, as well as on Christ- the faithful one.

Sometimes I don’t understand the bumps along the road on my journey, though I understand all too well the fears that underly and accompany them. But Christ has walked through all of life for us, and now by the Spirit both in our own lives, and through the lives of each other, he promises to help us and indeed be all we need. Though that all we need includes his work through other brothers and sisters in him. I am grateful to my wife for being a blessing to me as one who faithfully prays and counsels me. And I’m thankful for our church with people who do the same.

So there’s one thing I know: God is faithful and through Christ he will see our commitment through to the end. And our commitment will matter in this life, many times in ways we may not see or understand well. At other times seeing some fruit. And while the fact of commitment can grow stronger in our lives, it can open us up to greater challenges. So that we are always well aware of our complete dependence on God through Christ, the faithful one. Not a comfortable place to be oftentimes, but we can trust God that he will see us through even in the midst of all the difficulty and weakness. And that his good work through Christ in and through us can and will be completed.

What does commitment and especially commitment to God through Christ, mean to you?

3 comments on “commitment

  1. crowm says:

    Mornin’ Ted!

    You wrote, “When one is committed to God through Christ one is in a commitment which will last forever.” I have to be honest. I read that three or four times. I’m wondering if the definition of “commitment” has changed the past few decades. In other words, the postmodern “flavor” has allowed people to redefine everything. They’re only committed to what’s convenient for them. Maybe that’s too broad, but you understand what I’m saying.

    Commitment is an ongoing choice. If I commit to Christ today but fail to commit tomorrow, then what? Perhaps that’s why Paul encouraged us to keep our eyes on the finish line. I do understand what you write about God’s faithfulness. However, I’m not sure I perceive man’s faithfulness as being constant.

    Please forgive if I read too much into your statement.

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