be kind

One of the hallmarks of Hall of Fame baseball broadcaster Ernie Harwell was his kindness. Over and over throughout the years he made people a priority in his life, and did so with kindness. Even during the few times people were unkind to him. Ernie Harwell trusted in Christ and knew that heaven was soon to come, after he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer last year, as he told Mitch Albom in an interview at that time.

Kindness involves goodness and care, and a graciousness that makes one easy to live with. Kindness is both passive and active. It is the opposite of harshness and takes the edge off a person. When one is kind they are seeking the best in and for others.It is definitely a term regarding relationships. There is no kindness apart from relationships. For the Christian it is part of the fruit of the Spirit. When we walk in the Spirit, in dependence on him, we will express kindness.

We in Jesus can be kind with the kindness of God. As we experience God’s kindness in our own lives, we learn to express that same kindness to others. Jesus said we are to be like our Father in heaven, being kind to both the ungrateful and wicked. When we do we show that we are God’s children.

Kindess is always important, but is best seen in those hard places. We’re told to be kind, tender hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ forgave us. We forgive on the ground of Jesus’ atoning work. And on that basis we refuse to hold another’s sin against us against them. We know all too well if we’re honest to ourselves that we are not good and the other person bad. We have our sins too, and unkind thoughts and attitudes at times toward others. When this is so we need to confess such to God for his forgiveness and cleansing. And from there be kind, with all that means from what we learn from Jesus’ sayings, and Scripture.

Being kind means we refuse to lash out in response to a wrong done to us. We may appeal, but we seek to do so with kindness. Being kind means we have something bigger to live for than our own wants and needs. That we live in God’s love in Jesus, and we express that love to others. By being there for them, listening well, and speaking words that can help them.

Being kind doesn’t mean we avoid what is dfficult, or we don’t say what might wound another. It does mean we are there for them, that they know we care about them, and that they also know that we don’t see ourselves as better than them.

What does being kind mean to you, and for your life now?

4 comments on “be kind

  1. Deb Gossard says:

    Good reminder of what should be reflected from our lives if we are mirroring the fruit of the Holy Spirit as we walk in the Spirit. The best proving ground is in ones home.

    • Amen to all of that, Honey. It is a fruit of the Spirit in our lives, but it we have to cultivate and nurture it. Like any fruit, I woiuld think it grows and matures.

  2. james says:

    Hey i agree. However, i find that their is a problem amongst Christians with being nice to each other but not honest for the sake of kindness.

    • James, Yes. Our speech always needs to be full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that we know what is best to say. We do need to speak the truth no less, in the grace of Jesus. Grace and truth go together in Jesus, to be sure.

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