Karen Spears Zacharias on trusting God no matter what

“I am a baby and I don’t like things to be hard or sad and especially not tragic for myself or anyone I love or anyone that I don’t even know,” the Redhead says. “I am thankful that I know this truth about myself. Being frail and weak to the core has made me deeply dependent upon God’s strength. I seek to hear the voice of God, and knowing his character is trustworthy, obedience comes more easily.”

….The Redhead does not seek a mansion made out of marble. She does not lust for the luxury of a Lexus. She does not pant after Prada. She does not long for a Rolex to keep track of her remaining hours.

She does not treat God as if he is her personal assistant. She does not order him to go fetch her this thing or that. She does not expect God to be her personal banker. She does not order him to make direct deposits into her account. God is not her genie. He is not her magician. God is not her personal trainer. He is not even her wellness physician. But God is her hope and her assurance. He is her comfort and provider.

On June 20, 2009, during the last hours of her life, the Redhead summoned me. She had refused all pain medication, preferring instead to approach death in the same wide-eyed manner that she had her life.

“Don’t cry for me,” she said. “I am in no pain. God’s provision is perfect. His joy complete.”

She had learned the real secret that the apostle Paul spoke of, the lesson of being content, of trusting in the God that loved her completely.

No matter what.

Karen Spears Zacharias, Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide, 196-197.

3 comments on “Karen Spears Zacharias on trusting God no matter what

  1. There is much more to this chapter, and to this book! A great book. A review of it on here tomorrow.

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