little by little

If you’re like me, you have a tendency toward procrastination. Deadlines to meet, or things we need or ought to do are a part of life. And I doubt that meeting every one of them is as essential as some people might think. I’m reminded of Jesus’ words to Martha supporting her sister Mary for not helping get needed work done, but instead sitting at his feet, drinking in his words.

Just the same we do have responsibilities, things we really have to do sooner or later, as well as things we should get done. But this reminds me of thoughts that sometimes seem to be like flashes to me: I need to be in ongoing prayer for so and so. I need to take more time to simply be quiet before God, I need to keep reading, etc.

Rather than get lost in the immensity of all I don’t get done, I think I need to concentrate on what is essential, while working at the rest little by little. It is easy for me to get overwhelmed in what needs and should be done; there is always plenty, especially when one “owns” a house that is a bit older.

And in all of this I want to continue in what I think is God’s word to me right now: “Slow down.” And all that means for me. It is a nuanced word for me, and I have to work at understanding just what it means and involves in my life. But it certainly means first things first: relationships with God and with others.

Little by little I hope I’m moving in a good direction, and for sure keep working at making the one thing needed, my priority of life.

2 comments on “little by little

  1. Glynn says:

    Good thoughts, Ted. And a lot of wisdom here.

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