telling our story

In church our Pastor Jack was emphasizing to us the importance of sharing with others our story of God’s wonderful works and goodness in our lives. And a good brother shared something of his own story, a powerful witness of God’s goodness in intervening in his life in the midst of a physical condition and weakness.

And a fellow blogger, himself a wonderful writer put me/us on to another writer who is adept at telling stories (and here is another!). The point being that if you want a truth to stick it needs a story to help people remember the truth. I can’t help but think of Jesus’ penchant for telling stories.

I love to share something of what I may be working through and God’s goodness in that. Oftentimes I suspect I am so glued on the present moment and the tree in the forest, that I don’t sufficiently appreciate the forest itself. I need to stand back and look in considering God’s goodness to me in my life over the months and years, even right from the start.

Yes, our stories have many difficult sides to them, all a part of what is involved in living in this life to be sure. In fact without such, who could identify with our story?

So we were encouraged by Pastor Jack to share something of our stories of God’s work and goodness in our lives with another, which I did yesterday, even if it was via the internet.

Certainly our scriptural reading, Psalm 66:1-12 which was the basis of our meditation, is about all of life. And how God worked even through the bad to bring his people to the good.

I am so thankful for twenty-five years with my lovely wife, Deb, which we will be celebrating tomorrow. God is good, he has seen us through and worked in everything to conform us to his good will in Jesus. And I know by his grace that we can walk hand in hand with him to the end. As we tell others of God’s goodness to us in Jesus.

2 comments on “telling our story

  1. Deb Gossard says:

    Good post, Sweets!
    And I am thankful for the 25 years that God has given me with you! 🙂

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