I hear it said often that we need to get our focus on Jesus and off of what troubles us. As a general rule for most of us I think this is good counsel. But I wonder if we’re simply to keep our minds on what gives us peace. Is that even a correct thought? Are we to avoid troubling thoughts, and troubling news? Yes and no. It depends on what we mean.

I wanted to avoid it at first, but I ended up reading a friend’s  blog posting of a horrific, true, ongoing story. It is a testimony of evil and of God’s grace in helping a victim live through it. I am frankly glad to have read it. It’s about living in the real world, but doing so in Jesus with the strength and grace of God which is supplied.

Our focus assuredly needs to be on Jesus, no doubt. But in scripture that involves sharing with him in his sufferings now that we may later share in his glory. We refuse to hide our head in the sand over the troubles, problems and injustices in this life. We meet them in him and together as his people.

In fact keeping our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith, means walking the same road of suffering he walked. And doing so knowing that others have gone before us, witnesses in their faith to God’s faithfulness throughout their lives. As we continue on in the race set before us.

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