finding God in the good and the bad of this life

The recent dramatic rescue of the Chilean miners has brought to the fore the place of faith in life. It seems that faith played a major role for many in sustaining them through this trial.

Of course there are not a few who look on such faith with some measure of skepticism. It is wonderful what happened in the end for the Chilean miners and their families. But what about all the disasters which don’t end so well?

For the Christian we turn in only one direction: to Jesus. We turn to Jesus and his cross in his death and resurrection always and for everything. We find meaning and hope only there and nowhere else.

That doesn’t mean we find no explanations in what we would consider secondary matters or causes and effects in this life. And that doesn’t mean we can explain disasters and the unutterably sad and tragic things which too often occur in this life. It does mean that our center for seeing all of life and for having hope in this life and beyond is solely in Jesus and in his death and resurrection for humanity and for the world.

I see so much of life as mystery and God even more so. But God’s final revelation of himself (God’s Self) is in Jesus. In the person, words and work of Jesus. In his death and resurrection again for us and for the world.

If we try to begin anywhere else or understand life on any other terms we miss the gospel or good news that God has given to all humankind. We can maybe come up with some answers that seem helpful, but in the end the only thing that really helps us in this life is this good news in Jesus. That God is present in him, and there is a good ending to the Story in Jesus which by faith we can begin to experience in the here and now, to be completed in the life to come.