bigger than us

Part of our struggle in this life, though hopefully not the only part, is with our mortality. As one decade after another passes us, once in awhile we note the signs of aging in the mirror (yes, even for us guys!).  And time does seem to be passing us by, we really are beginning to get just how fleeting life is, hopefully a growing, maturing perspective. And even attempted explanations by scientists for this growing sense of the days, weeks, months and years seeming to come and go more and more swiftly as we get older.

What we need to understand is that we are not the center. That life is not about us. Our story matters, but it is woven into the one Story of God in Jesus. We do each have our part, but life is bigger than us.

Life here and now, the life for which we have life, for which we are created is found in Jesus. Jesus is the way for us, we in him and he in us. And “in Jesus” is not just an individual experience. It includes all others in Jesus. So “in Jesus” involves both communion with God and the communion of the saints, God’s people. And in a true sense, that is one communion in Jesus. Of course God remains God so that even though through Jesus we are taken into the perichoretic dance, that is the active love and fellowship of the Trinity, yet God remains God in his own counsel, as well as Person (of course Three Persons in this God).

To take the way of Jesus, to be in Jesus means to live fully in the existence God gives to us as a gift. To revel in that, to celebrate that. To walk in it, through good times and bad. We’re to begin to experience here and now in Jesus the more abundant life, life to the full, life overflowing. And while we should not fear death, we still see death as the last enemy God will destroy through Jesus and his death.

But a big part of that life, at the heart of it is the passionate realization that we each have our part for a time, but that the part is about the whole, the whole being God’s kingdom and grace in Jesus. A good news for the world we’re to live in, and live out now.

So that life is to become more and more not us, but Christ living in us. Yes, each of us a unique expression of this from God, but all in this together. God being the writer and director,  indeed the enabler of the script he is writing. While we learn to live and move as we’re being moved in and through Jesus.

2 comments on “bigger than us

  1. Chris says:

    Today I read chapter 8 of James Smith’s “The Good and Beautiful God”, which speaks of our identity “in Christ” (& “Christ in us”) and how transformative that reality is. And you’re words in this post are helping to give me a deeper appreciation of this great truth, Ted. Thanks so much for your words & wisdom.

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