God’s belief in humanity

I don’t subscribe to the teaching that God puts his faith in us humans, so that we should be encouraged by that. First of all we’re in dire need of grace, and whatever trustworthiness we have is completely a gift from God. On a certain level there may be some trustworthiness in humans through creation, but because of sin there is no trustworthiness at all in terms of God’s will in the new creation in Jesus. God’s kingdom come in Jesus calls for a righteousness that nothing in this world can bring about.

That God became flesh, that is human in Jesus speaks volumes about God’s value of humanity and humankind. God made humankind in his own image: male and female. And in Jesus God became fully human so that humans can become fully like God in their humanity. So God does believe in humankind, after all. But not in the way that is sometimes taught.

But in the grace of Jesus, God does put responsibility on us humans. We see that in scripture beginning with the call to Abraham through whom Jesus would come to bless the world. So in that sense through Jesus humans are indeed given a trust. The gospel is to be lived out, in other words, gospel, meaning good news, is good news all the way around in giving us a new life and ability to be trustworthy in God’s kingdom come, always and only through Jesus.

During this Advent season, we can give thanks to the God who alone is worthy of all our trust. And in Jesus who came to save us, and make us trustworthy in and by his grace. For the sake of others, and for the world.