God becoming one with us

In the mystery of the Incarnation, God becomes one of us in becoming human in Jesus, that we might become one with him, he in us and we in him. Of course Jesus is unique forever. We are creatures and he the Creator who is now also a creature. God and human both, while we forever remain human.

I am broken and struggle often in this existence. I hope I do so more and more in the grace of God in Jesus so that in the struggle over the long haul I’m becoming more and more like Jesus. In fact Jesus no less is the goal. Yes, Jesus the person, by the Spirit.

In the end, all of creation is brought into new creation when heaven and earth become one in Jesus. Of course the cross looms large in all of this. All as to the present existence dies in Jesus that all might have the new life from God in him. Jesus’ death and resurrection are key in this, baptism both descriptive of and instrumental to human participation in this new creation, which actually begins now in Jesus.

The truth of the Incarnation is so crucial that scripture makes it clear that those who deny it, who deny that Christ came in the flesh are opposed to Christ. But just as this truth took some time to dawn on Jesus’ followers, it will take time to dawn on others as well.

While this truth is clearly revealed, it is likewise mystery. It is beyond us, and yet for us. Because only God can save what he created. More than save in this case, though salvation is central in this. But God does so as a human who takes the curse of the old on himself, so that through death that curse is removed and new life given. An utterly new existence in Jesus.