Canticle of the Turning

I love this song. Good to sing ANY time of the year. Mary’s take from her song (Luke 1:46-55), “the Magnificant.” We sang it at Pike Mennonite Church I think one summer visit there, which has a small cemetery where Deb and I are to be buried.

From a post of a wonderful young New Testament/Bible theologian and professor.

N.T. Wright on Jesus’ continuing work through the Spirit and the Church

The wind and the fire and the brooding bird are given to enable the church to be the church—in other words, to enable God’s people to be God’s people. This has a surprising and dramatic effect. The Spirit is given so that we ordinary mortals can become, in a measure, what Jesus himself was: part of God’s future arriving in the present; a place where heaven and earth meet; the means of God’s kingdom going ahead. The Spirit is given, in fact, so that the church can share in the life and continuing work of Jesus himself, now that he has gone into God’s dimension–that is, heaven.

N.T. Wright, Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense, 124.