looking back

There is a way of looking back that is good.  We need to remember God’s hand in our lives in our past, as well as lessons hopefully learned. And noted growth over time which actually may take more than a year to plainly see. Moses’ sermon which is most of the book of Deuteronomy is a case in point of a helpful looking back, or review of the past. Jesus reminded his disciples of his past working. Of course we have the gospels’ account of Jesus through the memory of eye witness accounts, with the inspiration of the Spirit.

As we look back and review the past, we can give thanks to God for what we are able to discern of his good working in and through our lives. We also, especially over time, gain confidence that just as God has been with us in the past, over and over proving his promises in Jesus to be true in our lives, so we can expect the same in the present and future. In ways that will challenge us, and help us grow. But marked with God’s continued faithfulness.

We do well to work this practice into our own lives to help us in our faith (as I recall it helped George Muller, who was noted for being an exemplar of growing, strengthened faith), as well as to help our children, so that when they start on their own, they’ll have the advantage of seeing God’s hand through their years growing up, through us, their parents. I’m sorry to say I did not do nearly as well as I should have done on that score, though I’m thankful that by God’s grace I’ve grown considerably, so that I am trying to do that now. Though, alas, our daughter is now gone! Hopefully she and her boyfriend, along with our granddaughter will see it in and through us.

This week I hope to spend significant time recounting God’s faithfulness over the past year. Seeing how he has worked, with an anticipation of what the new year might bring. One thing we can be sure of. No matter what, God will be faithful to us through Jesus. We can hold that as sure and true. Not only for us, but for the world through Jesus.