all is a gift

The longer I live the more I see all of life as a gift from God. When I say all of life, I mean all that is good. But even in the bad, including my own contributions to that, God is at work for good, for which we can be thankful.

In the end it’s all about God’s good work in Jesus and the blessing that brings. That is what we want to live in, and through God and his grace carry with us so that others might be caught up in it. The legacy we hope to leave when we’re gone.

And that is how I want to live going into the new year. Receiving each day and each part of every day as a gift from God. To be shared with others. And also to receive from others of what God gives them.

That means that life ends up a matter of always receiving from God in God’s grace. We don’t imagine that we have all we need, but we’re to keep receiving, so that we can keep giving. Blessed in Jesus to be a blessing to others. By our lives, which may include some words, in season. And by the work (and play) God gives us to do.

This is part of the walk by faith. To know that we’re ever dependent on God as well as interdependent on each other. I want to be more conscious of this, and grow in this in the new year. By God’s grace in Jesus so as to be more caught up and part of his good work in Jesus.