wisdom not natural

Like any other virtue, wisdom is something which has to be acquired over time. Add to that, one can do, or not do something which shows varying levels of wisdom. While there can be a wisdom learned that is rooted in human thinking and philosophy, Biblical wisdom begins with the fear of God. The fear includes a reverential awe, and also a sense that we do not trifle with God. God is god of grace and a father to us in Jesus, but he works this wisdom in us, as part of his salvation to us in Jesus.

A couple of markers we need to stand on. The first thing we need to do is pray. As a rule we should never act immediately, and certainly never in haste, which itself in such situations lacks wisdom (again as a rule, with possible exceptions). It is a good rule to at least sit on something overnight. The longer we can deliberate, the better. And it is always good to seek counsel from wise people we know, people who are godly, and have been around the block quite a few times. In other words who may be a mite older than us. And the bigger the decision that needs to be made, the more we need to look to others.

What is not natural to us, needs to become second nature. We incline toward what is actually foolishness, though we think it is wise. Or at least we see ourselves as wise in our own eyes. Those who do bring trouble on themselves and others. At the same time no one of us should think we’re above folly. We ever need to look to God for wisdom. Grace and truth will always accompany that wisdom, through Jesus. God helps those who in their folly look to him not to get out of trouble, but to learn a new way, the way of life from God.

Wisdom includes a grace from God which helps us understand our weakness, and why we did what we did. In a sense it can put a good construction on it. Our action which may not the best, can have good in it. At the same time we need to be open to where what is not good is exposed. Whether it be pride, fear, lack of faith so that we failed to look to God and his promise, etc.

God will help us as we keep looking to him. And keep learning his ways for us in Jesus. Together in Jesus for the good of the world.

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