when in doubt

By faith we speak and act. Doubt is considered opposite to faith, and depending on what is meant, doubt can certainly be in opposition to faith. However a certain kind of doubt that is facing one’s struggle honestly can actually amount to a struggle of faith.

The opposite of faith may be something more like indifference. Not caring, neglecting, simply being indifferent. Any struggle is a sign that one may indeed have faith. Jesus told his disciples that they should always pray, and not give up, or lose heart. Praying no matter what, even when one is becoming faint, and maybe especially then.

I know that sometimes faith can seem to be such an uphill climb. Yes, God is faithful in Jesus, and everyone in Jesus knows that to be true. But when it is the hardest is when our faith can grow the strongest. So that when we doubt, it may be just the way through the struggle, to a much stronger, living faith. Usually that which comes easy does not amount to much. Of course God’s economy can be different at times in the gift of his grace in Jesus. But by and large God allows his people in Jesus to grow over time through a process which includes much struggle. Through that spiritual struggle, faith can be confirmed and strengthened, and indeed can grow strong.

Faith is indeed a gift from God, found in Jesus, but its growth comes slowly, this spiritual growth akin to physical growth. Certainly with growth spurts here and there, but usually noticed only over time. Faith tested and tried to be true and genuine, what is not of faith becoming weaker over time, as our faith life  in Jesus takes over our lives more and more.

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