accusations versus truth telling

The guilt and condemnation sin brings is true, and the result of sin is death, spiritual death, and a destiny in which death has the final word. But in Jesus and through his death all our condemnation is gone in the forgiveness and justification this salvation brings. Yet we still not only can, but will sin. We are sinners. That does not excuse us from God’s call to holiness, and we are to grow up in our salvation, together more and more into conformity to Jesus’ likeness.

The devil majors in accusing the brothers and sisters to God, and to themselves, as well as to others. Heaps of condemnation and darkness accompany it, throwing out God’s salvation in Jesus. Judas Iscariot was not cleansed by Jesus’ word just as Jesus said, himself a thief all along. He did fall victim to this same lie. He was sorry for the evil he had done in betraying Jesus, and in his darkness, hung himself. Contrast Peter who had been cleansed through faith in Jesus’ word to him. After he sinned, three times denying that he knew the Lord, he repented. Though only through Jesus’ prayers and pursuit of him, which God does for us all in Jesus. The truth came loud and clear, and with it light to bring Peter into that reconciliation and  peace which only Jesus brings.

The devil lies to us and through others. Telling us we’re no good. That we just don’t measure up. That there is either limited or no forgiveness for us. Of course that is all a denial of the gospel. Jesus and the salvation he brings changes everything. Such words need always to be put up into the light of the gospel, as only half trues, and therefore patent lies! We do need to confess our sins along the way, but in Jesus there is always forgiveness in him. We stand on that truth, and then live in it, and call others to it. To this joy of salvation that is ours in Jesus.

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