living with tensions

Being a person who thinks (don’t we all), and likes to think things through, indeed who wants to be a free thinker within the commitment of following Jesus in the orthodox Christian faith, I find at times tensions that until I reach some kind of resolution in my mind concerning a matter, can really trouble me. The tensions don’t challenge my faith in Jesus, but they do sidetrack me in that much of my attention off and on is given to the matter, tossing it about while I try to search it out.

I need to learn that no matter what I’m facing, and how much thinking may be involved, all is to be a part of our life in and of the faith in Jesus. Sure, tensions are not fun. We have to live with them all the time. The key in everything is to seek to go on and keep growing in faith, and in the faith, regardless.

I find that Satan (yes, I believe in a personal spiritual being with other beings- of evil) is working to make us think something is bigger and more important than it is. To indeed sidetrack us from faith. Sometimes when in a tight place, I need prayer- from a brother or sister in Jesus when possible- and then an effort, which can be difficult, but with God’s help to cast the issue aside, and more properly, into God’s hands. Entrusting all to God.

We find that down the road most tensions are resolved one way or another. We see it better for what it is, or there is a reasonable answer for it. We may have to simply leave it unresolved.

We can easily forget where the reality of our walk lies. Not in having everything right in our minds, or even practice. But in seeking in mind and practice, indeed in all of life to live in Jesus together with others, seeking always to walk in faith, and not letting tensions like this sidetrack us from that. One more way we’re to learn to live in the Way in Jesus.

2 comments on “living with tensions

  1. nancemarie says:

    wonderful words about our walk together in faith.
    thank you, ted.

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