the gospel directly impacts all of life

On my way to work in the mornings, and back, I would prefer to listen to classical music and meditate and pray, or listen to Michael Card, John Michael Talbot, or the like. But I usually am listening to NPR. For one reason. The gospel directly impacts all of life. So I am interested more or less on all matters only because of that.

I could not care less either about the Democratic or Republican parties as to who is beating who. I think neither is close to the kingdom of God. And I am saddened over politics in the sense of outdoing the other trumping public service. Too often it comes across that way to me from the lips of politicians themselves. And of course much of the popular media, especially talk radio (which I avoid), puts the worst construction on their opponents (right or left) while generally sugarcoating all their side does. And out of it one does not understand well what the issues are in terms of the best argument either side is making.

Getting away from that blur as much as possible, I find trying to gather something of the news here and around the world, and trying to understand people, and where they are coming from, actually edifying to me. Edifying in the sense that I begin to connect something of the living gospel of God’s kingdom and grace in Jesus not only to individual lives, but to all of life, to everything happening in the world.

We not only want to understand the world and culture, so that we can better share the unchanging good news of Jesus to others, but we also want to see that good news impact society, governments, indeed all the world!

Of course there are limitations to be sure. We know the world will be changed completely only when Jesus returns. But we begin now in this world in Jesus, wanting to bring and be about the change and difference God’s kingdom and grace in Jesus makes.

So we must see all in light of nothing less than God’s kingdom and grace come in Jesus. All must be reflected on thoughtfully in that light. That doesn’t mean we Christians are going to end up seeing everything the same way. But even when we differ, we may still be playing a part in God’s work. For this world, through Jesus.