running scared

In scripture the devil is likened to a roaring lion seeking to devour its prey. The lion’s roar is said to paralyze the victim by filling them with fear. Quite understandable. Something lions surely learned works for them. And one scheme the devil employs against God’s people.

Fear can take over one’s life. Usually over one thing at a time. I used to go from one fear to the next, wondering in between just when the next trial would come. Since then I’ve learned to live with fears, seeking during such times to renew and be strengthened in the faith, and in my faith–in God through Jesus. We are told to resist the devil, standing firm in the faith with other believers, themselves beset by similar trials. Yet there are those occasions when I still can be taken over by the fear.

Sometimes it can come in the form of a number of problems. Of course in this life we can be assured of problems. The problem is when we let those problems take over our existence. Instead of seeking to do what is good and right, love mercy, and walk humbly with God–in the words of scripture. Learning to walk through the problem, knowing God is with us, even through the deepest darkness.

As we learn how to face our fears in faith, our lives can become a help to others who witness the light in Jesus which we have. Even in this world’s trouble, darkness and storm.