a spiritual struggle

Paul tells us in Ephesians 6 that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers and authorities, spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly realm. It is so easy to think in human, worldly ways when thinking about the struggles, conflicts and troubles that seem to beset and confound us in this world. We can easily resort to trying to solve the problem ourselves. Instead we need to learn to think in terms that are spiritual, or of the Spirit. That indeed we are in a struggle against spiritual entities arrayed against God, and that we can overcome only through faith in Jesus and what is given to us in him.

I find myself trying to solve a problem by means that are not bad in themselves, in fact they can be good. A friendly word. A smile. Ending up in something good. Only to find that something is still amiss, or wrong, later. It is better that I simply pray and wait on God. Showing love, but refusing to act as if it depends on what I do or don’t do. Paul said in another place that the weapons of our warfare are not of this world, but mighty through God for pulling down strongholds. This suggests struggle, but it suggests even more God’s power through Jesus by the Spirit, working in a way and with a result that no human work can match.

What this means for me is more prayer, a desire to be open to the Spirit and to be committed in the way of love in Jesus. Along with the realization that this struggle will not end until Jesus returns, and God’s victory is worked out fully, in its fullness for all things in the new creation in Jesus.