keep reading

A long time ago now it seems, I thought I had a sense from God that I need to read and keep reading. Later came the word to slow down.  And now our camera is broke, and I wish I would have got around earlier to try to find a new one, and try it out at Meijer Gardens today. I love much of the outdoors there, though still haven’t learned to appreciate some of the twentieth century sculpturing outside. It has a nice swamp area, a 1930’s house and barn, as well as a lovely, albeit man-made waterfalls. I think I add this last part because I also want to appreciate more and more God’s beauty in the wonder of creation.

Of course there is one Book that I will keep coming back to time and again daily. In fact hearing it day after day, hopefully will continue. But just as important, in fact perhaps in some ways more so, is going to it and pondering its word, because that word is God’s word in script, written down to and for us.

And then there’s the many books. Some I would like to read over and over. Some I want to be sure to read at least once. And others that I really want to read I’ll never get to. There is only so much one can do. I get down over what I don’t get read, or the lack of time I can end up spending at reading. Facebook is alright, but one can spend too much time on it. We are social beings, and like to share with each other. Part of what I wanted with blogging, though really haven’t arrived to, well. But media has its limitations. It is incarnational in Jesus, but incarnational can’t stop there. We need face to face fellowship. To be with each other.

So I’ve decided on a regular day to try to book read for one hour, aside from the Bible reading, and reading online. Anything over that will be gravy, and I’ll take it. And there will be some days when I can’t book read that long. Those I hope to be exceptions to the rule. This is not meant to be an inflexible, unbreakable, iron clad rule. But a reminder and help for me to get into a good practice of this.

And I have found for myself that listening to classical music in the background overall helps me when I’m reading. Quiet is good, too. One may not be better than the other. Perhaps good music, instrumental, helps me keep moving along. It is certain that one is taken up with the music, at least in part of the brain, with the book and thoughts in another part. Or maybe somehow it all goes together. Good reading is more than just the mind. It surely can include beauty, and a glimpse at reality: the good, the bad and the ugly.

So we need to be humble. Keeping at reading, or what you believe God has called you to, day after day. Looking to God for his work in and through our lives in Jesus. That we might live out his life together in and for this world.