Sometimes I need one word beside the phrase “in Jesus”, or remembering the Trinity: “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. I need the word, grace. Life can be overwhelming, or seem a dead end, or dreams dashed–a kind of plodding along as if simply fulfilling what little seemingly is to be done, before it’s all said and done.

Grace means gift from God. All is grace, actually. And we rightfully sense that all the more so because of our own sin. We in Jesus know for sure that we have not yet arrived in this life, though we’re grateful for growth we see.

Grace accepts God’s goodness to us in Jesus, undeserved as it always is. And grace not only pardons us in the forgiveness which Jesus brings, but it also changes us so that we want to not only avoid the bad, but do the good.

I am thankful for God’s ongoing grace always coupled with truth, in Jesus. Orientating us together into the new, living way, so that we know for sure by faith that we have a hope that what we do matters beyond ourselves. It is as big as the God who gives it to us in Jesus, in his grace. A gift not only for us, but for others. Together for the world.