sin is a delusion

Of course sin is that which is not of God, not in harmony with God, and goes against God.  It is what we humans live in apart from God’s grace in Jesus. And even in God’s grace in Jesus, we are not fully emptied of it. At its heart, sin is a delusion.

That comes across most powerfully to us when we are enchanted by a spell that can come over us, and if we’re not careful, recognizing it for what it is and resisting it, it can take over our lives. Lust is a prime example, which we are deluded to see as love, though honest, painstaking reflection should expose the lie for what it is. Or grandiose plans to “succeed” in life and live “the good life” which ends up for most, out of reach. And for those who reach it, they find that it is not all it was cracked up to be. Or it is not enough.

The world, the flesh and the devil are all in alliance to keep humankind in the grip of sin’s delusion. We need to know this, and then begin by faith to take up the resources from the victory that is in Jesus to live as those who overcome. Who more and more escape sin’s delusion to live more and more in the reality which is from God in Jesus.

There are times when we will experience attack. It may take a day or so for it to wear off, but be assured that it will, if we resist such an advance by faith and through Jesus. We will then come to see the lie that is in it. The lie that we’ve missed out, or are missing out somehow. Not to say that sin does not have its pleasure for a season. But in the end it leaves us empty and devoid of real life. Rather, we are to rest in the truth as it is in Jesus, and live in that reality.

This delusion is present throughout the world, doing its harm everywhere, through injustice as well as personal sins. As we are more and more grounded together in the truth which is in Jesus–a grounding which does not mean we’re above the fray, or not needing confession and restoration along the way–we together can be a help to others. Indeed that is what God calls us as Christ’s Body to do. Not only to look after and take care of each other. But also to live out the way of Jesus which is for the world. With him as the Head, we his Body are to live out the truth of this reality which is in him. And we are to bring that reality into other’s lives, and into all of life in this world.