the great political divide

Jesus brings to earth in the kingdom of God the great political divide. Which makes the divide between Democrats and Republicans small in comparison. Yes, there’s validity in worldly politics in that there are some good things, even many, that occur through it. Along with bad things, and much in between. It is a rather hit and miss project. And misses entirely in terms of the total project in seeing God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

Enter Jesus and God’s kingdom come in him, beginning when he appeared some 2,000 years ago, and continuing on until the time he reappears when heaven and earth become one in him in the new creation. With that comes a politics which is not from this world, but for it. We see it most clearly in one place in the Sermon on the Mount. And it is found throughout the gospels, directing the world toward the climax when through Jesus, God is all in all, and the kingdom of God brings in the true shalom.

“In Jesus” is where this kingdom of God finds its footing in this world. It is in the church, no less, in spite of its weakness since it consists of people like you and me. Or better said, what is actually present in Jesus is intended to be worked in and out of the church for the world. That it might have a leavening (in the good sense) effect on this world, including entities such as political parties. We in Jesus should not think of politics primarily in terms of Republican or Democrat, Independent, or any other entity or category of this world. But in terms of God’s will on earth as it is in heaven, beginning to work that out in the here and now in Jesus.

Piety that focuses on our own spiritual life and ends there is not enough, because it fails to reflect the end of loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves: the Jesus Creed.

When you think of politics, what comes to mind? How should Christians view the politics of this world? Where does the hope of the world lie?

Thanks to Allan R. Bevere and Scot McKnight who have helped me in my thinking along this line. My thoughts here may or may not line up entirely with their thinking on this subject.