God meets us where we live

In Jesus, shown vividly in the Incarnation, God is with us where we live no less. God is with people in the hovels, the destitute poor,  near to all who call on him in truth.

God faces us, turns his face on us to shine on us by grace–a gift–through Jesus. We need to acknowledge and trust him in our lives. As we do, we find his help and blessing not out of trouble, but through, as in the midst of trouble. God meets us in every place.

God meet us not because we are deserving, but because of his grace which means gift to us, which we never deserve nor can earn. In fact God meets us especially when we realize we are sinners and what sinners we are. Like the tax collector who in despair cried out to God: “God be merciful to me, a sinner!” This is all “in Jesus”, God’s salvation in him.

I am so glad God does that in my life. I like to draw near to God in light of that before I get overwhelmed by this or that, or when I am overwhelmed. This is to be more and more our orientation in Jesus in life.

God is present with us in Jesus, and helps us in practical down to earth ways, as well as in ways beyond that, when all else fails. Of course that should not be an either/or, but and/both–though there is that peace of God to us which transcends all else.

God in his goodness is active in ways we don’t know and surely do not imagine in this world and beyond. God does this out of love, and also to draw people to him because of his goodness in their lives. There is so much darkness. But amazingly in the deepest darkness on earth, we often find people who through that darkness have found and bore witness to the brightest light in Jesus.

During this season of Lent, let us look to God as the one in Jesus who meets us where we live, so that not only we can be helped, but can help others to find this same blessing in Jesus.