life goes on

We urgently are in prayer over the disasters happening in Japan through the earthquake. And there are so many tragedies all over the world, even in our neighborhoods. Along with that, we face challenges which at times seem overwhelming. We are in over our heads, in fact the world is in over its head. Except for one thing.

God is Sovereign. We can rest assured in Jesus, knowing that even here and now, someday to be made evident and wondrously clear: Jesus is Lord over all. Because of that we can trust that no matter what, it will all turn out well and good in the end. The world/ creation is going through the groans along with the Spirit’s groans in us, as we await the full redemption when in Jesus all is made new. But the new in Jesus is already at work in this world in the midst of all the sorrow and pain. Yes, even in the face of evil.

Life goes on. God is at work in Jesus in ways we can and cannot understand. The Book of Job certainly comes to mind when I think of life in this world. It is a text and narrative, indeed a story which gets to the heart of something vital in trying to understand, or better put, simply live and live even well with all the uncertainties and mortality of this world. That Book is important, but we need the entire Book of God’s word when we seek to think through this.

We groan now along with creation and in those groans are the Spirit’s groans in us in Jesus. Which in themselves are part of God’s work here and now shaping salvation in this world. We begin to understand more and more that this is a vital part of our existence in this world. To live in groanings and longings by and in sync with the Spirit in us. As God begins making the old new through Jesus. A part of what the season of Lent means.

And so we learn to listen and see God’s Hand at work even through our listening and prayers. In the lives of those around us, and in the life of this world. As we await the complete fulfillment of God’s kingdom that has come in Jesus.