quieting disquieting thoughts

There are many thoughts that come our way over the course of a day. Likely there is a pattern in them which we need to look out for, for good or for ill. When there is a steady stream of grumbling over this or that, and often in regard to others, that is indeed for ill. We need to bring such thoughts in confession to God for forgiveness and cleansing. And we also need to learn the new way in Jesus in which we refuse to grumble, but seek in thoughtful and active ways to love our neighbor as ourselves. Even when they are annoying or hurtful.

In essence we’re to take every thought captive to obey Christ, not the primary application from the scriptural passage, but an appropriate one. By grace through the Spirit in Jesus we can do that. Though it’s likely to be imperfect with failings along the way. Fits and starts. But we keep on going so that by and by the new in Jesus displaces the old in Adam in how we live, in who we are.

It’s never enough to get rid of the old. We can only do that by putting on the new. Sometimes a song will pop into my head, maybe from bygone days, perhaps a song that I never liked. It may keep playing over and over again. I find that the only way I can get rid of that song is by playing some other music in my head, maybe singing or humming along with it, so that it replaces the old, unwanted song. But strangely enough that often is not easy at first. I most often have to work at it. I find the same true in my life in God. Old habits have to be replaced with the new ones in Jesus. And we must not let ourselves be discouraged because of the imperfection of how we do the new. That is a matter of growth in grace in Jesus.

Just being quiet, and bowed down before God, even in the midst of a busy day I’ve found helpful as well. Humility. We’re to humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand. He will lift us up at the right and proper time.

Thoughts from God through Jesus may disquiet us as well initially, but their result is quieting. Quietness and confidence before our God as we carry on together in love in God’s mission in Jesus for the world.