don’t let it get to you

How often in this life will something be building over time bringing pressure, or another thing will blindside us. And we are cast down, or as we say downcast. We need to learn the wisdom of not letting something get to us.

At times, and especially at certain critical moments and hours, we simply must resist the temptation to react and say or do what we’ll end up regretting and having to take back as in confession, with damage done.

We can instead, live or walk in the Spirit so that people might catch a glimpse of Jesus through our lives, by learning to live well through such times, even under duress. But for this to happen, we must learn not only to resist the temptation to react, but we also must instead do the good that is called for. Praying for one who is perhaps acting as an enemy, or is annoying. And seeing what we can do to help them.

Time itself we say–of course God working in it–is a great leveler of so much that needs correction. And all of us need correction. None of us are the measure by which others are to be judged. We find that only in Jesus. We are in this together. Let us proceed in God’s love through Jesus. Praying for what we see is not right, or healed yet. And clinging for dear life to a life of following Jesus together for the world.