fighting the urge to fold tent

Folding the tent can be a metaphor for simply giving up on life in the sense of thinking that one does not matter. Of course we all matter to our loved ones, and they matter to us.

Within each of us is placed a desire to make a difference in life. When we get to the place where we think we no longer are contributing anything, or much to speak of, we can easily “fold tent” and end up going through the motions, not caring about anything special we might contribute because we think to care about it, little matters anyhow.

When one is down for this reason or another, one can be assailed with the temptation to despair. This is not good, unless we can move into a posture of holding out our hands toward God in faith, looking to God for his salvation in our lives through Jesus.

We know we can be replaced. None of us are indispensable, so to speak. And yet this is our time in God’s Story. We each have our special gift from God. We need to make the most out of it, out of love for God, and for our fellow humanity. This is our time, each of us, together in Jesus for the world.