This morning I was getting around a bit early only to end up behind due to technological issues well beyond my knowledge, though not beyond my hopefully not too destructive patchwork. It reminded me of how life seems increasingly to be, as I get older. I live in routine more than ever, but life all around me, including parts of it which affect what I have to, or end up doing, seems often to be in upheaval.

Those are the times in which we live, times of upheaval, so that one will ordinarily have many different jobs in the course of their career. On top of that reality, we run into changes due to health or personal or family crisis. Sometimes we think we are on the edge of something not so good, in fact oftentimes that can be the case. Change of any kind can seem ominous, especially when we are settled into a comfortable, or what we consider good routine.

So life in this world has a certain element of uncertainty, indeed instability. In fact I find it amazing just how stable life actually ends up being, at least in my case.

I think amidst all the unpredictability and upheaval of life, we need to set our sights on what is stable, fixed and sure, even within its dynamic quality. Things will change, people come and go, etc., but one truth remains constant: God in Jesus is faithful and at work in our world, and through us in the world by the Spirit.

We have to get more or less used to the surprises, indeed disappointments, as well as unexpected joys which come our way. Life by nature is changing. But we also need to become more and more fixed and indeed rooted like a tree in streams of water. Unmoved from God’s word, from his revelation to us in scripture and in Jesus. Indeed rooted in God’s himself.

So that while we may be battered from time to time, we will end up standing firm in our Lord, together for the world.

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