proclamation is kingdom oriented

Yesterday I gave an account of basics of the good news of Jesus, or the gospel. I am learning from Scot McKnight’s book, One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow, that we need to be careful in proclaiming the gospel, that we don’t make an individualistic appeal.

Yes, it is about each individual’s call from God through Jesus to repent of their sins and believe the good news. But it is a gospel that is about what God is doing not just for that individual, but for the world. When one repents and believes the good news of the kingdom, they are entering into nothing less than God’s kingdom work in Jesus for the world. And specifically, they are now part of that kingdom. The kingdom is a domain in which God is King, there are citizens who are subjects–and more than that, family in Jesus, and there is land–ultimately the earth. And we begin in our following of Jesus, to live in this new reality.

This is a calling not about me and God, or not even about me knowing God, though that’s included. But it’s about the entire picture of what God is doing on earth in the here and now through his kingdom people in Jesus. And all that involves. This ends up in the new creation in Jesus, being oriented in a very down to earth manner, and fulfills what scripture calls humankind to in Genesis, culminating in the final vision in the Revelation.

So when we proclaim, and when people receive the good news, it’s not about a ticket to heaven. Instead it’s about a new life of following Jesus together with others in Jesus in God’s kingdom work in the world. To think of it less than that, is to fail to see how this is played out in scripture, how it begins in the call to Abraham, is at work in God’s covenant to Israel, and is fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah and Israel’s reconstitution in him. So that the proclamation and receiving, or acceptance of this good news by repentance and faith, is no less than the beginning of a new life, as large as the kingdom of God in Jesus in which it is found. At work on earth, and ultimately to take over the world, in and through Jesus.

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