justice denied?

We don’t really know if justice was denied or not in the recent trial in which the verdict was given. We do know for certain that justice can never be complete until Jesus returns, and wrongs are made right, and the old made new in him.

What is certain is that just as God’s judgment will be good and complete, the judgment known in this present world is limited. And yet God’s hand is on the world’s mechanism of justice in ways that are beyond us. In fact God’s ways bring about justice even in this present age. In ways beyond us to be sure, but we can rest assured in that. Yet at the same time, we see before our eyes the immediate part of the story, or past parts in which we see miscarriages of justice. We don’t yet see justice complete in any system in this world, nor is that possible.

Justice has to do with doing what is right and good in regard to a matter, and with reference to all things. What moves God’s justice is God’s love. And the result of that love is both judgment and salvation.

Jesus took on himself the judgment of God to bring about the salvation of God. The judgment of all the world he bore on himself at the cross, so that the reconciliation of the world could be completed in him.

The final end of all justice is shalom in God’s kingdom and grace come in Jesus. Peace in the sense of fullness of goodness, in God’s overflowing and never ending love. Fulfilled when Jesus returns. We begin by faith to experience that here and now in Jesus. Through the salvation in him by which God forgives and begins to change us. Judgment and salvation at work in this grace of God in Jesus unleashed in our lives, and in our community in Jesus. A salvation to be lived out personally, in community, and in the world beginning in our neighborhood. And proclaimed to others.