I was once a part of a “charismatic” fellowship of believers, and to have pictures as in visions, or in one’s mind’s eye was familiar to us, in our home group meetings. I think the Lord can do this for us, giving us a glimpse of his will in some way in terms of his working in and through our lives in this world, or in terms of something we need. Of course always with reference to scripture.

I recently received strictly in my mind’s eye, not an actual vision, but a picture of myself and how I could be through a difficult situation. In fact I think I applied that to more than one difficult matter in my life. Something which can end up characterizing me along the lines of faith and the Jesus Creed  of loving God with all my being and doing, and loving my neighbor as myself.

Of course I don’t imagine I can live that out perfectly, or that it is not a matter of continued growth to the end. But it is encouraging to get a sense of what God can and wants to do.

In this comes imagination, to be sure, sanctified imagination. Imagination which hopefully is lined up according to God’s word and the way in Jesus. And I would hope as well, given by the Spirit. Imagining what we can be in Jesus as individuals, and in community, in mission in Jesus for the world.