I think I hear rumblings. The world is shaking a bit, and has over the years sometimes quite a bit. Some more cataclysmic changes seem inevitable in years and decades to come, should Jesus tarry.

I have to wonder in all of this if God isn’t trying in just another way, to get the full attention of the human race. We have our gods, and kingdoms, and what God does and is doing and wants to do in and through Jesus and his kingdom come in him, often does not sit well with us.

In and through Jesus though, God’s will can prevail on our lives. And not only in our lives, but through them into the lives of others. Indeed God’s kingdom come in Jesus is not just meant for when Jesus returns. But for this world here and now. But not in the ways of the world, though in the midst of them.

Whatever happens, or if life goes on essentially as it is, may we in Jesus sense God’s calling to us, and may we find our place in that calling together in his ongoing kingdom work in this world.