There is always plenty to pray about and people to pray for. I think of the prayer Jesus taught his followers to pray, as well.

I am also praying about what the Lord would have me do with whatever days I have left. We can’t take a day for granted, for sure.

I am so thankful for the ongoing work I have at RBC Ministries. Keeps me on my feet all day, which is healthy. And for a great cause.

I am also so thankful for our church, Redeemer Covenant Church.

And especially thankful for a good wife, Deb, as well as for our daughter Tiffany, granddaughter Morgan, and Chris.

I am wondering if there isn’t one particular sphere I would do well to study and work on the rest of my life. I am thinking along the lines of scripture. And really trying to do well by a subject. On the other hand, limitations in time and access to material which actually is more related to lack of time would be a factor against such a consideration. And there is so much good reading from those who have better studied.

But prayer for any and all of us is a good place to start. In and through Jesus to the Father by the Spirit in community for the world.