the culture wars

Last evening I watched a deeply disturbing, troubling, but I think insightful documentary, regardless of which side you’re on in the creation/evolution debate. I don’t like to frame it that way since I am an evangelical Christian who believes the Bible is the word of God, and that God is indeed the Creator of heaven and earth. But I also accept evolution. Most of the time I lay low on this, knowing the ire, even contempt that can come against those who hold this view. I know the other side too can experience that, though I think it often is more in terms of incredulity as people are astounded by the lack of science, or how the book of God in nature, called general revelation, is not accepted on its own terms. Of course in the end all truth is God’s truth. The heart of that truth is the good news of Jesus and God’s grace and kingdom come in him. All of scripture for the Christian is fulfilled, and therefore seen in light of this gospel.

Here is the blog of a website of an organization committed to the Christian faith, working through the issues of faith and science.

I can’t identify with today’s culture wars. I just don’t line up on the Christian side, even though I’m not on the other side. In issue after issue I find myself questioning our stance in reference to following Jesus, and to truth itself. That being said, the world would consider me a conservative Christian. And I would not be surprised to see some serious issues coming to a head over our faith in the coming days in reference to law and society. I can only hope that freedom will remain for us to live by the dictates of our conscience in accordance with our faith.

In the meantime, I think we need to stay in the word and prayer in community in Jesus, to the goal of fulfilling our missional calling to the world. What that looks like with reference to the hot button issues of today we pray will be Jesus-like. And true to God’s calling and the truth as it is in Jesus.

5 comments on “the culture wars

  1. nmpreach says:

    I’m always inclined to offer the difference between micro versus macro evolution in conversations. I, too, believe in God’s Word and a God who creates things we don’t really understand. In other words, God has the ability to create things that must adapt to their enviornment. I still have much to learn here. I think your conclusion is a good place to be – praying in community with a missional aspect. Thanks.

    • Thanks, nmpreach. Good words. Well, good Christians certainly are going to disagree on evolution. What we will be united against is naturalistic evolution, or evolutionism, which is not science, but gets into faith. But working through how we read scripture, how it should be read in light of the Ancient Near East (I’m thinking of Genesis and the creation account, along with its early chapters, in particular) will go a long way to informing us in this matter, I believe.

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  3. Ann F-R says:

    You’re excellent at reminding us Who we serve, how we serve (& wait on God) & what our mission is “in Christ”! Thanks, Ted. 🙂

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