time moves on

They say the older one gets the faster time goes. Now in my mid-fifties, I find that quite true. I can hardly believe another Friday is here.

Time is a gift from God. What are we doing as stewards of it, is the question. There is a sense of urgency for us who are in Jesus and therefore in God’s mission to the world in him. We need to get on with the eternal, and not be engrossed in what is passing away.

The eternal is much more continuous with the present than is often imagined, though there is a discontinuity as well when all things in the end are made new. I’m not talking about concentrating on something not of this earth, because in the end heaven and earth become one in and through Jesus. Of course I am referring to what is of this world in terms of this world’s system, or way of being, described as the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

We need to mark time in light of what is to come in Jesus, even what has come in him on the earth. In community and in mission.

There are matters which can fall between the cracks. Innocent in themselves, which can be used for good or ill. Such as social networking in which facebook is prominent at this time. We need wisdom from God to number our days, that we might present to him a heart of wisdom. Which means we need to make good use of our time. Not being in a hurry, but wanting to live more and more in step with the Spirit in our lives. In love for God and for our neighbor, beginning at home.