be still

When all seems lost, or at least falling apart. When almost anything that can go wrong does. When it seem like all is slipping away. Be still.

In Psalm 46 we read the well known words, “Be still and know that I am God.” In context those words may be referring to those who would harm God’s people, we might say even challenge God’s kingdom.  But in the storm, we can all too easily get caught up in the maelstrom, wondering where God is when we need him. And the context might support the thought that we as God’s people are included. Or possibly the words are addressed to us as God’s people. We’re told elsewhere not to take vengeance against those who have done wrong to us, but leave justice in God’s hands. Instead we’re to do good to our enemies. Bless them who curse us. Love and pray for them. God promises to take care of us, that nothing can separate us from his love in Jesus, and that he will indeed bring saving justice.

Be still. Don’t get caught up in what necessarily God will be bring down. If we are, then be still. In this case, “let go, and let God,” rings true (although that saying carries baggage with it).

To really do this likely will take effort on our part, maybe even hard work in itself. “Make every effort to enter into God’s rest.”

That is the blessing of running into the hard times, or  issues. We are left to see anew our dependence on God. That it is what God is doing and wants done that counts and is the true good we can be a part of. In that we can rest assured. And in that we can find our way together in Jesus for the world.