not knowing

It is good for academics to engage in deep study and work on this and that philosophy, and come up with ideas in best trying to understand the life which we live. I especially appreciate it when those who are learned put the cookies on the lower shelf. In other words make it clear, while hopefully not losing much if anything of the original thought. Though every matter has complexities beyond any easy accounting.

Some Christians, and for that matter some people think they have the answer for everything. That they know full well what needs to be known. I don’t see that as really possible in this life. Not in terms or ways in which it is done, anyhow. When this is done, what is missed is just how hard it is to know what evaluation to give to so many things. In part because we likely don’t know all the factors that are involved.

For the Christian there is a certainty by faith which is important. But what does that certainty bring?  Surely the basics of the faith given in scripture and through the church concerning Christ. Other matters which Christians often hang their hats on and consider important enough to divide over are not in this category of certainty.

There are issues over which Christians divide which we may think are important. I think a Christian pacifist position is important, and part of the gospel, or the outworking of the gospel. And yet Christians who are equally sincere disagree. I think I know on that issue, and so do they. That is where we can dialog and try to persuade each other, and then agree to let it go at that. Even though at least one of us is likely wrong, we potentially can learn from each other.

It’s what remains, which in Jesus we are to embrace, and walk in. It has well been said that we likely aren’t completely right on anything. On a certain level we are, but only God knows anything completely. Therefore we need to be humble without surrendering the kind of knowledge which comes from God through faith. By faith we need to be fully committed to the truth as it is in Jesus. Knowing enough to follow. A kind of knowledge that includes mental assent, but is more than that. Realizing that the intellectual knowing part in itself while having it place is not enough in more ways than one.

2 comments on “not knowing

  1. nance marie says:

    embrace heaven’s wisdom and grace in Jesus.

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