who is right?

It is amazing today the degree of certainty people have over matters which are surely debatable, myself included. And yet case is closed on so many of these subjects for many.

We all have positions on nearly everything, even if it’s an admission of not knowing, all the way to a reasoned position. Of course we approach everything from a paradigm, or worldview, and take in factors, before coming to our own, I would say in most cases hopefully tentative position.

Scripture is not so much an answer book, as a book to help us grow up in maturity in Christ, so that we can think and act as spiritually adult children of God. That means certain priorities in Jesus come to the fore: love, community, mission–among them. While acknowledging that it is never right to commit adultery, to steal, etc.

In the end it is God who is always right on everything. We are not entirely right on anything, but right enough on many things, such as the need for salvation, and Jesus as Savior, etc. Whatever rightness we have is a gift from God.

This does not mean that we in Jesus don’t know, or have no sense of being somehow in what is right. That is all a gift of God’s grace through our faith. By faith we are justified in and through Jesus. By faith we understand that God’s word is true.

We need to hold rightness in a much humbler place than our culture does. It is dependent on God, and is much less certain in so many areas in which humans take positions and draw up battle lines.

That being said, there are of course hard areas in which good, intelligent people are going to disagree. Including devoted Christians. When this occurs we need to listen all the more, and move toward a respectful dialog which accepts differences which may remain.

And we need to keep working at growing in thinking well, loving God with all our minds. Humility being certainly a most important characteristic of that. It is so true that the more people actually do know, the more they realize just how complex life is. Along with knowing that the salvation in Jesus is full in large as well as small ways.

Who is right? In the end only God. And any rightness we ever have, including those who don’t know God, is a gift from him in and through Jesus.