when one is hurt

How many times have we been hurt by someone? Perhaps it has been unjust, at least in our minds. Or perhaps we have a lingering wound.

I can tell you that when such a wound is reopened we are under a most severe temptation at times to lash out in anger one way or another. And any other hurts, real or questionable, can come to the fore and be apparent to us.

This is when we especially need to draw near to God in prayer, and when we need a brother or sister in Jesus alongside us, to pray for us. If I’m alone, I may well recite both the Jesus Creed (Mark 12:29-31) and the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), which I want to do on a regular basis, anyhow.

When we are hurt we are prone to temptation and sin. This has to be one of Satan’s tactics against us. That is especially true when those who belong to Christ refuse to be reconciled to each other. We are then not living out the truth in Jesus.

I am becoming convinced that love for one’s enemy is key here. Although it is especially challenging when a friend hurts us. What kind of mindset do we have? Is it like Jesus, or not? The one who called Judas friend to the end, and prayed on the cross, “Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do.”

When so hurt it can be a time of drawing near to God, near to Jesus. And hopefully in God’s grace, come to share in Christ’s sufferings. At least to be humbled. As we await the full reconciliation and communion through Jesus in God’s love in the age to come.