love in Jesus trumping all

Oh yes, we have our political differences, don’t we. Our theological as well, sometimes pretty serious, though much of the time not really all that significant. Often in matters that are inherently disputable. But sometimes one does seem dead wrong. We think so much in terms of right and wrong. Even though life often makes it much harder to sort that out than we might think.

There is a love that has entered this world which can overcome all barriers. It is the love of God in Jesus. No matter what the barrier is, that love can work through it, indeed shatter it. And in that working, God’s salvation in Jesus can be made known. Not only in terms of entering in that salvation, but in living it out.

Most of the time how this is worked through may parallel a woman in labor pains before giving birth to her child. Or in watching a suspenseful even perhaps action filled movie. And there are those rare (from our vantage point) times when tragedy strikes in the midst of this; I’m thinking now of the Jim Elliot story, and the wonderful results that followed.

It isn’t just love I refer to here, but the love of God in Jesus no less. By faith we need to put ourselves in the posture by which this love can break through. Yes, even through our lives and into the lives of others. And in and through us all at the same time. Certainly of God through Jesus by the Spirit.

Yes, I’ve seen and am seeing this love break through and change situations. Indeed lives are changed, really all of our lives, through this amazing love of God in and through Jesus. I have to keep working at not resisting this love. Of remaining open, which means seeking to be sensitive to God, to his convicting work in my life, to his leading according to his word.

All barriers can be broken down. As in faith we let God in Jesus do the work of change which he alone can do. Helping us through together in Jesus. A help for the world, which loves to the very end.