lived in life

Much is made, and rightfully so of the sacrifice many have made in going to far flung lands to share Christ, seeing breakthroughs there often at risk, and sometimes paying the ultimate price. As well as those who have plodded on year after year in difficult places, planting seed.

The vision the New Testament gives to how God’s people are to be witnesses in this world, I think by and large is that they are to settle down and live a life that reflects the faith, to be faithful in life. And to always be ready to give the reason for the hope they have.

We’re to live lives of good works done in love. People should see a difference in us; there should be something about us which can’t be explained in terms of the world.

Community around Jesus, a community which is Jesus-like is to be a regular aspect of this life. We are indeed called to be witnesses, to tell our story to others, to point them to the one who saved us, and is ultimately to save all things. Jesus, the Messiah.

We’re to live this faith in life, where we’re at. In the mundane, ordinary, extraordinary. Day to day and year after year. By and large this will be the calling for most of us.

God in Jesus will be present with us by the Spirit. And we’re in this together, in Jesus. The one who turned the water into wine.