I’ve been told by someone I much respect, who I think is in part being gracious, along with being sincere, that I bring a needed balance of community to him in my thought. Yes, the title of this blog is “Jesus community” and I aspire toward a better understanding and practice of that.

But communal spirituality is not in a battle against individual spirituality*, or what I might prefer to call Spirit formation. This is not a case of either/or, but and/both. The body of Christ grows and is built up we read, as each part does its work. We in Jesus are in this together, and what each of us does or fails to do matters.

We should not beat or berate ourselves over this. God makes it so that each part of the body needs the other parts. We’re all united under one Head, Christ, who gives us by the Spirit, one common purpose.

Therefore our identity is not just individual, but tied to others in Jesus, especially those we are in regular fellowship with. What God wants to do and how he’ll direct is tied to a community called to be in mission. A joint venture, community growing up toward full maturity in Jesus on the mission of God in Jesus to the world.

*Spiritual is considered a slippery term, not easy to define in Christian terms due to how that term is used today.