God is faithful in Jesus

God is faithful, period. But his faithfulness to his people and through them to the world is in and through Jesus.

I have seen God’s faithfulness over and over again, in and through Jesus. Coming through during difficult times, by faith. And especially in the context of being blessed to be a blessing to others.

God is faithful through his covenant, called the new covenant made in and through Jesus. We humans are needy, not only doing well to have a sense of belonging, but in need of belonging to God in this covenantal way through faith and baptism, in and through Jesus.

We then need to hold on to this truth of God’s ongoing faithfulness in Jesus, because the road is sure to get hard and seem long and winding. What God is doing in Jesus is no Sunday School picnic. He works in our lives in Jesus to be making us individually and together to become more and more like his Son. And that will be an affront to the world at times, bringing our kingdom of God in Jesus calling and values into conflict with the world’s calling and values.

How do I better live in and out of God’s faithfulness in Jesus? It’s a matter of remaining true to that calling in all our weakness and even sin–yes, in and through Jesus. God will remain true to his covenant promises in and through Jesus. We need to be engaged so as to receive the outcome of our faith, the salvation of our souls. And more than that, that we would fulfill God’s calling to us here and now.

Everything depends on God and his faithfulness in and through Jesus. We are sure to be victorious in and through Jesus, in the way of Jesus if we live in dependence on this sure promise of God in Jesus. A faithfulness in Jesus for us and through us for the world.