holding our ground

I have been trying to make significant strides or progress in regard to a propensity which has more or less kept me in its vice grip for years. Mine happens to be anxiety and the fear that accompanies that. I’ve been well able to keep that under the table, so that only those close to me might know, if I told them. But it has sapped plenty of life out of me.

The past couple weeks I’ve been on a kind of mini quest for some sort of breakthrough. I’m not really much into the idea of breakthroughs anymore. Life is a long road, and we have to walk that road so that I really don’t get that excited anymore about the ups and downs, except to enjoy the peaks, while trying to appreciate the good in the valleys.

And part of that time it seemed as if the Lord had completely, or at least largely freed me. At a certain point I could feel the enemy in a spin and in an anger of nearly panic proportions. And yesterday I felt the same thing at work, nearly a vertigo, a spin, as they seek to fill my heart with much fear. Later on in the day that fear was replaced with peace, I’m sure the peace of Christ.

We in Jesus are in spiritual warfare, and we need to hold our ground. Resisting the devil is to be our stance. We don’t want to make much of the enemy, but neither are we to be ignorant of their schemes against us. We must not give in, but must take the weapons God provides us in the strength he gives us in Christ.

This is ongoing; there’s no escape from it for us in Jesus in this life. So we need to be faithful individually and together. In our calling in Jesus for the world.