love in Jesus wins

Love wins in Jesus. This is what we in Jesus are to live out in the world. No matter what else is true, if love is not in who we are and what we do, it is of no value in God’s eyes.

Fairly regularly I repeat and want to do so all the more, the “Jesus Creed” from Mark 12:29-31 and along with that the Lord’s/Our Father Prayer from Matthew 6:9-13, during the course of a day. These help center me on God and his priorities for us in and through Jesus. The centrality of loving God supremely and our neighbor as ourselves, along with praying for God’s honor and kingdom along with our needs in this world.

Love in Jesus wins. No matter what the barrier it can and in our eyes indeed should be broken down. Barriers are due to sin, and broken relationships. God in Christ brings reconciliation of humankind to God, to each other, and to creation.

But it is only through love, even love for our enemies in and through Jesus, which means the way of Jesus for us, the way of the cross. That love and only that love wins in God working out his will in the world in the sphere of his kingdom.

Of course God’s kingdom in Jesus is active in all sorts of ways. And Jesus is a Lion (the Revelation) no less, not tame (C.S. Lewis). Judgment does come at times from God. But it is in Jesus and in the way of Jesus in which we are to live in this life. A way that is marked by love. In Jesus for the world. And through Jesus that love indeed wins, beginning now.