Often the term hell-bent is used to express determination to get something done. With the idea that nothing will get in the way. Steely resolve.

The Jesus way is one of being heaven-bent. Following the way of Jesus in loving and praying for our enemies, turning the other cheek after being struck, going the second mile after being asked to go one mile. Being perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect is set in that context.

This is not something we come up with by simply reading scripture. We must read the gospels and be led by the Spirit.

What is our demeanor? Are we growing to become more and more like our Master, the one we profess to follow? Do we love to the end? Is our love active and proactive? Are we thinking about the good we can do, and doing it?

What marks us, marks our lives? I hope it’s the mark of the Lamb of God, that we too are sheep in that way, the way of the cross. Even though all hell rages against us. Knowing that in the end heaven wins. And it begins to win even here and now through us – in and through Jesus.