1 Vindicate me, LORD,
for I have led a blameless life;
I have trusted in the LORD
and have not faltered.

This psalm is about living in the real world. The psalmist certainly would not claim sinless perfection. But in a certain way, or regarding some issue, they lived blamelessly in their limited sense. And the prayer for vindication, or God’s defense and approval of them, that such would be made known to all, seems indeed a legitimate prayer.

The problem with us is that we often want to vindicate ourselves. We want to prove to others that we are in the right, or that a certain character evaluation of us is unfair, or untrue. We do well to leave all of that in God’s hands, and to go our way, seeking to live in God’s good will in Jesus.

In the end it is Jesus who is vindicated, and all who are in him. We end up in this together. There is no competition. But during this difficult time in which our view is often hazy, and in which we know in part, as well as often struggle against sin, we need in God’s grace and working to see God’s hand at work, to see the good from God in each other. The beginning of vindication which is actually even now a gift in God’s grace in Jesus. Our only true vindication is found in him, though there may be gracious provisions of that along the way for humanity. God is a good Judge. And we can entrust ourselves completely to him in and through Jesus.